Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Drywall and then some...

It's getting exciting up in HERE!!!!  We have windows and walls...and cable outlets, and electrical outlets and plumbing.  Hooray!

 Family Room


 Dining Room

Oh, and how could I forget...our beautiful exterior is done.  All except the front door paint (will be red) and the white carriage garage doors.  :) 

It's all coming together!  And, my creative juices have started flowing again and I am working on Max's new room...a baseball room for my young athlete.  He will no longer have to share a room with his sister. 

I purchased this headboard and footboard for $15 at an online yard sale.  And, gathered up some used bats, some bought for very little and others given to me. Score!  My FIL cut them in half for me and I plan to sweet talk my hubs into attaching them to the headboard. 



And...the bats!

I also got this dresser for $15 from a friend (thank you!) and I am in the first stage of its makeover as well...gotta keep you wanting more, right? 



Stay tuned for the next phase...

Friday, June 6, 2014

The roof, the roof, the roof...is on our house!

Have I told you lately how impatient I am?  Man, it felt like forever to get to this point...but, isn't that roof just magnificent? 

We walked through it last week to point out all of the electrical outlets and cable outlets...ended up tacking on another $300 to the final bill because of adding more.  :/  We are all warned of the dreaded "extra costs" involved in building a new home...like the garage door openers.  How many of us would assume that a garage door opener would not be included in the base price of a home?  I know I certainly assumed as much, only to be told no, that will be an extra $700, please.  But, in the end it is worth it to not have to lift that garage door up and down like "they" did in the "old days."   I sure hope the remote control for the TV is included.  

All kidding aside, the builders are doing an AWESOME job.  We love it already.  I am almost able to picture us relaxing in the sunroom...

Or, watching TV in the family room...

Or, "working" in the office...

The siding is scheduled to go up next week.  They have since locked us out for insurance and security purposes, so hopefully I can continue to get in there to take some pics to share. 

I am still decorating in my head and will share some color choices soon.