Wednesday, April 2, 2014

We're building a house!

A little over eight years ago, my husband and I rocked our families' world when we announced we were moving out of our little hometown.  We were moving approximately 15 miles away...18 minutes door to door (yes, I timed it).  However, you would have thought we were moving overseas.

Since then, we have heard, "when are you guys moving back?"  And, don't you want Max to be an "insert hometown mascot?"

In these eight years, we have laughed these off...that is, until this past winter.  You see, in our town, Max can't play organized basketball until he is a 3rd grader (even though he is an older 2nd grader and ready - September birthday).  GASP!  So, we found a team in our hometown that he could play on.  I traveled those 15 miles for every practice and game.  No big deal.  But, then my husband tells me that he wants him to also play football for this organization.  Ok, but now I am thinking to myself, "if Max IS going to be the hometown mascot, then why on earth are we living in another town?"

We made a pros and cons list for moving...this wasn't easy.  I, especially, have developed quite the soft spot for our home of eight years.  We have made lifelong friends, have gotten to know people in the school system, etc.   But, our hometown is the home of our entire family and some other lifelong friends.  Plus, we know a lot of people in the school system, teachers, principals, coaches.

And, my husband sweetened the pot by suggesting we build a new house.  I was sold.  :)

So, I thought I could document all of the fun we have along the way in my new blog.  From breaking ground to picking paint colors and everything in between.  Join us on our journey...from house to HOME!

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